Online Distance Learning Course
Tooth Fairy Box

All of our online distance learning courses run as private Facebook groups.
This is the only way you will be able to access the course content.
After completing your registration you will be directed to
the private Facebook group where you can request to join.
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There is one project included in this course split into seven parts each with its own video. The total video time is almost 2.5 hours.

The Tooth Fairy Box is steeped in folklore that the fantasy fairy figure will replace a child's lost tooth for a gift. Learn to make this unique fine silver piece. 

This adorable box can be completely personalised with your individual preferences. You can add names, dates or personal messages. It will make a wonderful family heirloom.

The box has a friction fitted lid and can be made with or without a hinge. There are also options for the shape of the box. The video tutorial shows a hexagonal shaped box but you can adapt your own design to a regular square box if you wish.

For a fraction of the cost of joining Tracey at her studio you get full detailed instructional videos & support documents as well as live interaction with Tracey for full support & to ask her any questions you might have. We also encourage you to post pictures of your achievements & chat with other group members. These courses offer amazing value for money. You can join this course at any time.

Please note that you will be added to the group manually. You cannot download this course yourself

You will be encouraged to post pictures of your work and Tracey will give you ongoing feedback. You will also be able to join in the discussion with other group members. You will be able to pick up heaps of experience from each other.
Please note that if you want to sell any jewellery that you make using silver clay, then in the UK you are legally required to add your hallmark to any item weighing 7.78gm or more. Further information is available in the Hallmarking page.

You can email me at or call me on 07961 883115