Online Distance Learning Course
High Force

Please note that this project uses a
product that requires kiln firing

All of our online distance learning courses run as private Facebook groups.
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Aimed at all levels of metal clay artists and enthusiasts, we will use Art Clay Silver Paper Type Plus to learn how to adapt the paper-crafting technique of Kirigami to create interesting three-dimensional jewellery designs. 

Through this Japanese art of cutting and folding techniques, we will create these interesting pop-up designs which give a contemporary twist to your silver clay projects. 

During the video tutorial, I demonstrate one particular border frame design. However, this can be adapted and stylised in many ways to your own customised ideas. 

Each Art Clay Silver Paper Type Plus is 85mm x 85mm square. During the video you will see the demonstration using half a complete sheet. Design templates are included at the end of the tutorial notes and have been sized to work with a half sheet of Paper Type Plus. Should you opt to make larger or smaller pieces, these templates can be re-sized as appropriate.

Please note that this project uses a product that requires kiln firing

For a fraction of the cost of joining Tracey at her studio you get full detailed instructional videos & support documents as well as live interaction with Tracey for full support & to ask her any questions you might have. We also encourage you to post pictures of your achievements & chat with other group members. This course offers amazing value for money.

You can join this course at any time and you will have access to the pre-recorded videos via the Facebook group.

Please note that you will be added to the group manually. You cannot download this course yourself.

You will be encouraged to post pictures of your work and Tracey will give you ongoing feedback. You will also be able to join in the discussion with other group members. You will be able to pick up heaps of experience from each other.
Please note that if you want to sell any jewellery that you make using silver clay, then in the UK you are legally required to add your hallmark to any item weighing 7.78gm or more. Further information is available in the Hallmarking page.

You can email me at or call me on 07961 883115