Online Distance Learning Course
Dichroic Glass & Silver Clay

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This course is suitable for the beginners to intermediate level metal clay enthusiasts. This particular course is most suited to kiln owners.

For a fraction of the cost of joining Tracey at her studio you get full detailed instructional videos & support documents as well as live interaction with Tracey for full support & to ask her any questions you might have. We also encourage you to post pictures of your achievements & chat with other group members. This course offers amazing value for money. You can join this course at any time.

Please note that you will be added to the group manually. You cannot download this course yourself.

The Projects

The course will begin by showing you the full list of tools & materials that you will need to participate in the course. We will also explain how to choose & purchase the correct type of glass for making the jewellery pieces & the different effects that can be achieved from various combinations of glass in order for you to make your own dichroic glass cabochons.

There will be full hands-on demonstrations with detailed descriptions every step of the way. From the top technique tips for perfect cutting of the glass, to stacking & preparing the glass for firing, to creating the “lens” style to give a perfect finish on the dichroic glass cabochon, finally through to the firing of the glass, which can be done through torch firing or kiln firing.

What We Will Cover

This course covers four projects using dichroic glass. The bejewelled colours of the dichroic glass can be so attractive & create beautiful flashes of colour to compliment your silver pieces. The different techniques for making these glass & silver combination pieces will be explained & Tracey will offer plenty of hints & tips to get you started on your creative journey in this medium combination.

  • During the course the demonstrations will cover four set project pieces; each piece demonstrated in a separate video
  • There will be more videos covering subjects such as reconstitution & rehydration
  • Introduction to tools, materials & equipment & what alternatives you can use
  • Health and safety
  • Choosing & purchasing your glass
  • Preparation of the glass including cutting and stacking for a perfect fit
  • Glass firing covering both torch & kiln firing methods
  • Preparing your designs
  • Preparation & handling of metal clay
  • How to add textures, shapes & form to capture the glass successfully
  • Drying times & temperatures
  • Pre-fire refinement & dry polishing techniques
  • Firing methods & procedures
  • How to reconstitute metal clay
  • Storing your metal clay
  • How to minimise wastage
  • FAQ’s
  • Trouble shooting
  • Resources
  • Suppliers
  • Progression 

You will be encouraged to post pictures of your work and Tracey will give you ongoing feedback. You will also be able to join in the discussion with other group members. You will be able to pick up heaps of experience from each other.
Please note that if you want to sell any jewellery that you make using silver clay, then in the UK you are legally required to add your hallmark to any item weighing 7.78gm or more. Further information is available in the Hallmarking page.

You can email me at or call me on 07961 883115