Silver Clay Inspirations
Mandala Medley Tutorial
Learner Kit
£37.50 (incl. p+p)

The learner kit includes all the essential items to complete Tracey's Silver Clay Inspirations Mandala Medley tutorial in the Jewellery Den during the Access All Areas Craftfulness Festival, 17th April - 29th May and includes

  • 10g Art Clay Silver
  • 1 x centre mould
  • 1 x Craftworx Mandala Medley design template
  • 2 x non-stick work mats
  • 2 x Craftworx grid mats
  • 3 x tube cutters
  • 1 x paper texture
  • 1 x 20% discount voucher for selected Craftworx Online Distance Learning Courses, valid until 31st May 2021
The tutorial forms part of a suite of activities available in the Access All Areas Craftfulness Festival
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