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Craftworx Freyas Tears by Tracey Spurgin
Freya's Tears Amulet by Tracey Spurginof Craftworx
Craftworx Freyas Tears by Tracey Spurgin

Freya's Tears Amulet - Master Class

Originally designed and taught at The Midsummer's Dream Metal Clay Retreat in June 2015, the creation of this piece is influenced by the Viking era and Norse mythology. Freya, goddess of love, had a weakness for the beauty of jewellery. This led to her betraying her husband to win favour with the makers of the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen.

It is said that Freya's tears turned to amber. The Vikings were great tradesmen and craftsman, often trading in silver and amber and wearing it to show their wealth.

This apparently simple vessel hides an intricate construction of a spring loaded bayonet fitted lid. The piece is punctuated with a tiny amber stone.

The design of the piece is influenced by the shape of the Viking long ships and the ornamentation of the piece incorporates symbols and features associated with the Viking era such as the runes. And the dragon's or serpent's head bail echoes the features on the bow of the Viking long ships.

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