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Fantasy Eyes Pendant Anna Mazon
Fantasy Eyes Pendant Anna Mazon
Fantasy Eyes Pendant with Anna Mazoń
4th - 6th July 2019
(includes 25g Silver Clay)

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Join Anna for this 3 day master class packed with lots of different techniques, featuring an eye motif (hollow from the back), various, sculptural ornaments which create a narrative context for the eye and a bezel set stone (the shape of the stone is your choice).
The eye can be fashioned like a dragon's eye as pictured or perhaps you have a preference for some other design such as an eye of the ocean etc. depending on your preference when comes to additional ornamentation.
This master class is all about wonderful textures, interesting shapes, lots of tricks for creating secure open-work constructions in metal clay, semi hollow forms and working with wet coils. Every student will leave the workshop with their own different "fantasy eye".

What You Will Learn

  • Make a metal clay, stylized eye (different types of irises and pupils will be shown)
  • Create various organic looking textures on the coils, the eye and other elements
  • Plan a nice, flowing design
  • Make a secure openwork construction
  • Make a bezel setting for the stone (the shape of the stone is your choice)
  • Create interesting effects using paste

What Do You Need To Bring

  • Any favourite tools, moulds or textures
  • A stone - any shape or size up to 15mm
Twig Rings by Anna Mazon
Twig Ring with Anna Mazoń
7th July 2019
(includes 10g Silver Clay)
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In this 1 day class you will learn how to make an organic, romantic ring, adorned with cubic zirconias and precise, tiny ornaments. You will use silver clay to create petite twigs, decorated with tiny leaves and other embellishments. You will also learn to securely set faceted stones that can be fired in place. All these skills can be easily adapted to your own style, merged with your favourite techniques and used with different metal clays.

What You Will Learn

  • make petite twigs out of metal clay
  • create bark texture using simple tools
  • make small embellishments (balls, leaves, fruits etc.)
  • securely set faceted stones that can be fired in place in metal clay
  • different ways of finishing fired pieces to get different looks

What Do You Need To Bring

  • Any favourite tools

Anna Mazon

Anna Mazoń
Anna has always loved to express herself in many ways, including her beloved modern dance, photography, graphics and poetry, but she didn't come across jewellery making until 2008. This was an amazing discovery which turned her life upside down. Even though she graduated in sociology and psychology, she decided to start working with what has become her passion - designing jewellery and organizing workshops. Today she knows that this was a great decision. Now she can give vent to her creativity and do what she loves most - adorn people both on the outside and inside, by using her unique jewellery to highlight the fact that each of us is different and deserves to underline that uniqueness.

Anna also tries to share her ways of developing creative potential with others by conducting jewellery making courses and workshops. Affirmation of creativity is one of the most important things in her life.

You can contact us for further information or secure your place by calling us to pay a deposit. By booking onto one of our courses, you agree to abide by the Craftworx terms & conditions. All classes are held at our studio in Bishop Burton, E. Yorks unless otherwise stated.


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